How Long Do Pecans Last?

You have some leftover pecans from the pecan pie you baked a month or so ago. And at this point, you’re not sure if the nuts are still edible. How long do pecans last? Or you’ve bought pecans in bulk for the first time, and you have no clue where to store them or what’s … Read more

How Long Do Brazil Nuts Last?

You’ve bought a bag of Brazil nuts in the supermarket. Once you came home, you realized you’re not sure what’s their shelf life. How long do Brazil nuts last? Brazil nuts aren’t as popular as, e.g., peanuts or almonds, so most of us don’t really know much about them. If it’s your first time with … Read more

How Long Do Macadamia Nuts Last?

Pile of macadamia nuts

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How Long Do Cashews Last?

Bunch of cashews on a measuring spoon

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How Long Do Almonds Last?

Peeled and unpeeled almonds in a glass bowl

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How Long Do Peanuts Last?

Unshelled peanuts on a tablespoon

You’ve bought a big bag of peanuts in the supermarket, and once you got home, you realized you’re not sure how long peanuts last. Or how to store them, so they keep as long as possible. Or perhaps there’s an old bag of peanuts you found organizing the pantry. There are no labels with dates, … Read more

How Long Do Hazelnuts Last?

Two hazelnuts side by side

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How Long Do Walnuts Last?

Unshelled walnut chunks closeup

You’ve probably read online that walnuts last only a few weeks at room temperature. If you don’t think that estimate is quite right, especially for unshelled walnuts, you’re in the right place. The same places on the Internet suggest cold storage is the only way to keep store those nuts. But do you always have … Read more

How Long Do Pistachios Last?

Pistachios in a bag closeup

Information on the shelf life of pistachios is all over the place. Some say it’s super short, while others say it’s not that bad. And then there’s this whole thing of whether or not you should refrigerate pistachios. If you’re not sure what gives, this article should bring you some clarity. In it, I go … Read more

How long does peanut butter last?

Peanut butter jar

Peanut butter is probably the world’s second most popular sandwich spread after butter. Even though many people eat it regularly and never let it sit in the cupboard for too long, there are one or two people out there who do such terrible things. This piece is for those people. All jokes aside, in this … Read more