How Long Does Butter Last?

Banana bread butter and milk

Every time there’s a deal on butter, my wife buys a couple of sticks more than we need, to save money. We usually go through those sticks fairly quickly, but there also are times when we are concerned some of that butter might go bad. The first question that comes up in such a situation … Read more

Can You Freeze Butter?

Sliced bread and butter

Butter can get pretty expensive these days, at least where I live. So whenever there’s a sale, I take advantage, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you did the same. Now there’s a bunch of butter in your fridge. And you already know that you won’t use all of it before the date on the … Read more

How long does cottage cheese last?

Cottage cheese with blackberries

Cottage cheese is one of the dairy products that work well in many different settings. Many people put it on bread, others prefer to add some fruit to it, and many eat it on its own as a good source of protein. Similar to milk, there are a few types of cottage cheese. You can … Read more

How long does milk last?

Glass of milk

Even though milk is a product that many of us consume on a daily basis, not everyone knows how to store it, how long can it be stored, and how to tell if it’s bad. That’s especially true because there are many types of milk available: whole, reduced-fat, skim milk or even lactose-free milk. Fortunately … Read more

How long does sour cream last?

Sour cream

Sour cream is one of the more popular dairy products used in cooking. Unfortunately, its shelf life is quite short and I’m sure you already experienced sour cream going bad after being stored for too long. Let’s go through some tips on how to store sour cream so it lasts as long as possible. How … Read more