With tens or even hundreds of various products we eat every month, it’s difficult to remember how long each one of them lasts or how to store it. Even in groups of seemingly similar products, like vegetables or fruit, there are differences. Some of them should be stored in the fridge, while others do just fine in the pantry. PantryGuide.com is here so you don’t need to remember it all. Every time you’re unsure how certain product should be stored or when will it expire, you can easily look it up here.

Salad bar with greens, broccoli, black olives, and more
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash.

Another reason for creating this site is that the information labels manufacturers put on food products are often not really helpful. One of the examples of that is the “sell by” date. If the product is past its “sell be” date, should it be discarded? If not, then how long will it last? Those questions trouble many people and PantryGuide.com is here to help you out with those.

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